Trump Rallies Off Democrat Lunacy

Trump Rallies Off Democrat Lunacy

Calling it the “single greatest scam in the history of American politics”, Trump delivered a strong message about the impeachment witch-hunt directly to the American people.

With Pelosi’s behavior adding fuel to the fire, the Trump campaign raised $13M in 2 days to ensure the radical Democrat party doesn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office.

With the Democrats now in full cognitive dissonance accusing Trump of what Biden admitted to, everyone is asking: How come the Senate isn’t investigating Joe Biden?

Even his 2020 challenger Elizabeth Warren was caught like a deer in headlights when asked about Biden, saying she didn’t know if that situation would be appropriate for a VP.

Although he’s been the leading Republican diverting attention away from Biden and onto Trump, Mitt Romney’s NSA pick from his presidential run is on the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian company that’s at the middle of the controversy.