Trump Bags Baghdadi, Ilhan Tweets About “White Nationalism”

Trump Bags Baghdadi, Ilhan Tweets About “White Nationalism”

During the peak hours of the news of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s death at the hands of the U.S.A.’s finest, Ilhan Omar tweeted about the “threat” of “white nationalism” while everyone else was talking about ISIS’s defeat, and she posted it in a CAIR T-shirt.

The Washington Post wasted no time praising Baghdadi, and the Internet wasted no time giving them backlash.

President Trump took a hilarious dig at Pelosi’s loud mouth when asked by a reporter about her involvement in the Baghdadi raid…and that’s why we love him.

President Trump explained the strategic America First policy in Syria and boasted about how effective his ban on immigration from terrorist countries has been.

To help break down the true motivation behind ISIS, David Wood connects the dots between present-day ISIS activity and the ideology that guides them.