The Left Buckling Down On Main Strategy: The White Supremacy Hoax

Tucker Carlson ripped the lid off the left’s newest hoax created by the media and elites, namely the labeling of all Americans who support Trump or even believe in basic border laws as white nationalists and white supremacists.

Last night, AOC explicitly says “normal people” aid “white supremacy” in a strange dissertation delivered in a series of Tweets that got nothing but backlash and downvotes, with many questioning who’s really behind these ideas. 

The actor who played Dwight Schrute on NBC’s The Office says “angry, white men with guns” are the biggest threat to America in hateful Tweets that embody the scary message of far-left activists, celebrities, and politicians.

But the talking heads are lying about the mass-shooting data and using skewed parameters to shift the narrative in a huge push for gun control mere days after the tragic shootings occurred.

Donald Trump called out Democrats for radicalizing people to violent ideologies that demonize ordinary white people in an attempt to shift the norms leftward. 

Just when you think it can’t get insane enough, an MSNBC guest says Trump is signaling neo-nazis in a bizarre reach that only a liberal could come up with.

ICE Raids Kick Into Effect In Mississippi Raid

Mississippi ICE raids yield 680 illegal workers arrested yesterday after an ongoing investigation led the federal agents to raid several agricultural plants in the Southern state.

Q followers pointed to the fact that Mississippi trafficking arrests were announced less than 10 days ago, and Trump tweeted a nod to a Mississippi Senator.

Right on cue, Biden called Trump “morally unfit” for enforcing our laws in a sad cry for attention that he hopes will help him stumble into the White House.

Trump Mulls Executive Action On Out-Of-Control Technocrats

Reports yesterday confirmed that President Trump is considering using executive power to stop censorship of conservatives by liberal tech companies, a move that he needs to make sooner rather than later with an election cycle in full swing. 

In the most recent example of censorship absurdity, the McConnell team posted Twitter footage of violent threats—and gets a strike

Multiple tech employees admitted on tape that they censor opposing views, and described some of the methods they use to shadow ban conservative content.