Political World Descends Into Painful Chaos After Deadly Weekend

Fingers went flying Monday in the aftermath of several shootings, and Trump says fake news is to blame for the violence of those drinking up the mainstream media’s kool-aid.

Candice Keller blamed it on insidious far-left agendas and got totally vilified for saying what normal Americans know to be true, but the media’s been silent about the death threats she received.

The Walmart killer chose a gun-free zone but leftists want more gun control to solve the problem, and they’re dying to label normal Republican beliefs as “white supremacy”. 

Some GOP members sadly embrace “red flag” laws as a new bipartisan measure is being cosponsored by Lindsay Graham and would act as a “Minority Report” policy, taking guns away from people who’ve committed no crime. 

Elizabeth Warren had the audacity to try and blame Trump for violence, but the Ohio shooter was a leftist Satanist who supported Warren 2020

Meanwhile, Portland is calling in the Feds to deal with Antifa as it’s widely held that the leftist group virtually runs the city on violence, patrolling the streets and bucking the authority of law enforcement.

Leftist ideology is indeed very dangerous, and here’s why the extremism of the Democrats will lead to more violence. 
Kamala Wastes No Time Exploiting Tragedy For Gain
Politicians everywhere are scrambling to look good on guns after the recent rash of mass shootings, but nothing is scarier than Kamala’s chilling words about using executive power to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens.
She wasted no time even exploiting the tragedy for money: Kamala cited mass shootings as a reason to donate to her campaign in a boldly inappropriate move that many found insensitive.

Despite Kamala’s pearl-clutching at Donald Trump, it surfaced a few days ago that Trump once donated to a fundraiser for Kamala Harris when she first became Attorney General.

China Uniting With Big Tech Is A Dystopian Nightmare
Trump called out Google on their sinister agenda late last night, on the word of a former Google engineer who says the company is working to make Trump lose by altering search results and other nefarious technological means. 
China teaming up with Big Tech is the stuff nightmares are made of, so it’s alarming that Google’s sharing their AI with China despite snubbing the US military, and many are calling this a serious national security concern.

One expert on China brings our attention back to the opioid epidemic and says Trump’s moves on China are positive in light of the fentanyl crisis—and that China would gladly profit off American deaths.

China devalued its currency and halted US agro imports yesterday in a move that Trump blasted on Twitter, indicating that the trade war will only keep getting hotter.