Tragic Shootings Kill Dozens In Major Cities Throughout The Weekend

Multiple mass shootings rocked the nation this weekend, starting with an El Paso, TX shooting that left over 20 people dead and more injured. 
Some skeptics are questioning the inconsistent details about the El Paso shooting, especially the initial reports of multiple gunmen on the scene. 
Beto laughed when asked about the El Paso shooting in a viral clip that shows his strange reaction, which many are likening to signs of sociopathy.
A short while later, a radical leftist shooter killed 9 people and injured 27 more in an attack that some say could’ve been prevented.  
The mainstream media completely ignored the fact that the Dayton shooter’s tweets expose him as an Antifa radical who was sucking in a large amount of hate-fuel from the radical left.
As expected, Democrats wasted no time blaming Republicans for the shootings, and Rashida Tlaib took to Twitter to blame Trump for the violence in a despicably obvious ploy to exploit tragedy for political gain. 
Even our senile Auntie Maxine Waters tried to blame Trump, despite the fact that she condoned violence against political rivals not too long ago. 
But this weekend was just business as usual for Chicago with 4 dead and over 40 wounded, just the latest in a tragic gun violence epidemic that seems to be plaguing the places with the strictest gun control.
Ratcliffe Withdraws As DNI Pick Due To Media Savagery

In a shocking turn of events over the weekend, Trump’s DNI pick Ratcliffe withdrew himself from the nomination after talks with the President about the nomination process and what the media would do to him.

Taking remarks at the White House, President Trump decried the media’s malicious attacks on his allies, like the dog and pony show the Deep State through together for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

All kinds of rumors have been floating around about who Trump will pick as the new Director of National Intelligence, and some believe the DNI appointment might be a proxy war for the Deep State.

Get Woke, Go Broke: Boycott Gillette Movement Successful
Proctor & Gamble giant Gillette reported an $8B loss after their “toxic masculinity” campaign, and no one is surprised.
Although they first tried to blame the loss on the rising popularity of beards, Gillette’s CEO said the loss was “worth it” to push a far-left message and alienate the main base of the company’s product. 
The company first made waves with its ad demonizing men several months back, and then more recently when Gillette aired a commercial depicting a girl shaving her face because she believes she’s a man.