Trump Carrying A Big Stick And A Bullhorn
In a bold move, Trump put sanctions on Iran’s Zarif in a move against ISIS yesterday, alleging that the Iranian official is connected to the Islamic State. 

Then he launched a grenade into the trade war—new tariffs on China that shocked the world.

The market dipped after Trump's announcement, and some have a theory about why the President made it the way he did.

Trump Shuts Down The Democrats With One Fatal Video

Trump tweeted footage of Cummings calling his district “drug-infested”, exposing the obvious trickery and empty rhetoric of the left in their fake cries about racism, and prompting some to wonder if this was his plan from the start.

Yesterday Pelosi called Jared Kushner a “slumlord” in a swipe at the Trump administration, but Trump is holding his ground against their petty attacks and coming back at them with no apologies.
It was reported that Cummings’ house was broken into despite his neighborhood being so vibrant and safe. The Trump Curse really doesn’t miss a beat!
Epstein & Co. Just Keep Getting Creepier
The lawyer for his victims has doubts about Epstein’s suicide in light of his connections, and claims that powerful people might be trying to get to him before he gets to a trial.
Strange news surfaced this week that Epstein desired to ‘seed’ humanity with his DNA, as well as cryogenically freeze very disturbing parts of his body for a transhumanist fantasy. 
Epstein’s cohort Alan Dershowitz pushed to lower the age of consent to 15 in a resurfaced piece where he uses abortion as a wedge to promote the sexualization of children.
A new bail ruling could ensure Epstein stays behind bars now that a judge has slammed wealthy criminals for expecting the right to special treatment.
Agitated Leftists Leaving Mommy’s Basement & Heading To The Border
Leftist groups plan to lead a “resistance” at the border as they gear up with weapons and head down to El Paso, Texas to facilitate illegal immigration and hopefully get themselves arrested.

Don Jr. called out the Establishment for condoning Antifa by its refusal to acknowledge their increasingly violent actions, which often are openly rallied on social media with the complicity of Big Tech—while conservatives face bans for milquetoast views. 

On a popular hip-hop radio program this week, AOC condoned violent rioting in a very scary snippet that is going to continue to radicalize the feeble-minded misfits who buy into this ideology.
In a bid to help the border crisis, Lindsay Graham forced his asylum bill through to the Senate yesterday, after a bit of a fight.
Ilhan Omar’s Attempt To Burn Trump Was A Big Flop
She tweeted about her trip to Africa with Pelosi, and Omar’s attempt to jab at Trump was a swing and a miss

Many were outraged this week when Omar retweeted a disturbing joke about Rand Paul’s violent assault, just giving further credence to the obvious conclusion that the Fascist Four is a dangerous force that celebrates violence and wants to mobilize it.
Is Ilhan Omar moving on to husband #3? Omar was spotted on a suspected date after she announced not long ago that she was divorcing the father of her children, and of course, moving into luxury accommodations.