Trump Backs Israel In Decision To Ban Democrats Tlaib & Omar For BDS Support

Trump pointed out the obvious common sense of disallowing people who hate you into your country, sending out a Tweet that made it clear the President doesn’t blame Israel for not wanting them there

The nixed trip to Israel was to meet with Palestinians, and Tlaib & Omar are working with an unsavory group tied to fervent incitement of Palestinian action against Israel.

Their squatting sister AOC has a message for white people, and it’s that they need to “do the work” of changing their core values and traditions to suit her far-left political agenda in order for Trump to be defeated in 2020.

Open Borders “Never Again” Rhetoric Reaches As High As Google

In a scary tale of how far gone we are, a petition by Google employees demanded barring border enforcement agencies from the cloud, comparing their actions to the Holocaust with language directly from the far-left Jewish activist group Never Again Action that’s suspected of involvement in the shooting of a Texas ICE facility.

Amid the ongoing exploitation of the El Paso shooting, Ann Coulter mic-drops on the left with an absolutely amazing column that calls out their hypocrisy on so-called “white nationalism”.

Did Beto call illegal immigrants his “fellow Americans”? It sure seems like it after a statement he made about Donald Trump “terrorizing people” by enforcing those pesky laws we have. 

The White House tweeted out a story about how Americans are applying for the jobs open from ICE raids as Trump holds fast to “America first” campaign slogan.

Public School System Conspiring To “Transition” Children Without Parents’ Consent

An Illinois father is helpless as the school system goes behind his back treating his daughter like a boy against his wishes, even going so far as to encourage her to run away from home if her parents won’t go along with the charade. 

In California, a grade school teacher gave students “Gender Unicorn” worksheets to explain why he wanted them to call him Mx. instead of Mr., prompting outrage from parents. 

pro-gay outlet is warning that Republicans want to ban child drag shows, which means it’s only a matter of time before we get them in every city.

In a horrifying and disgusting interview, a late-term abortionist proudly admits they’re babies that he’s killing, and says he loves doing it.