Manhattan Warden Removed From Position Following Epstein “Suicide”

The “angry” Attorney General is taking action after Epstein’s suicide, and Barr has “reassigned” the warden of the prison where Epstein allegedly died in addition to disciplining other employees.  

It appears that the guards on watch falsified reports saying they checked in on Epstein as was required by the protocols of his status.

Epstein’s Palm Beach home was found vandalized with strange graffiti, and no one seems to know how or when it got there.

USCIS Head Defends Changing The Poem On The Statue Of Liberty

In an epic show of nationalism, Ken Cuccinelli blew this interviewer away with historical facts in defending his addition of a public charge clause on the iconic New York monument. 

Meanwhile, the media ignored yet another attack on ICE facilities in Texas—this time, with gunfire. Thankfully no one was hit, but the old-school mob tactics send a clear message.

Border Patrol Chief Provost offered a fantastic update on the wall, referencing agents taking fire from the Mexico side of the border just days ago.

Asia In Turmoil As Hong Kong Violence Escalates & Airport Is Shut Down

The Hong Kong airport was shut down for the second day in a row after violent protests overtake the city at quite an inopportune time for China. 

An Independent journalist on the ground describes the “mob violence” in Hong Kong where tensions have broken out into a full-scale collapse of the social order.

Amateur footage shows airport travelers being assaulted as demonstrators fight against anyone they perceive as an ally of Mainland China.

Trump offered up hopes for peace for all parties making comments yesterday in light of good relationship he seems to have with China’s leader. 

Nancy Pelosi is aligning herself with the violent protestors, sending out a message that their demands must be heeded. 

Amid Censorship, Everyone Asks: Where Is Tucker Carlson?

Prompted by a sudden vacation, rumors are floating that Tucker Carlson is suspended from Fox News for his strong pushback against the latest inflammatory rhetoric from the left.

The plunge into a completely Orwellian state is almost complete, and the latest in dystopian tech news is that users are suing Facebook for making facial recognition templates and collecting biometric data without consent.

A new report shows that Big Tech imported hundreds of thousands of foreign workers through the H1B visa system, illuminating the motive behind their desire for mass immigration and the threat they pose to national security.