Feds Raid Epstein’s Pedophile Island

Days after the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, FBI agents raided ‘pedophile island’ where Epstein threw his prostitution parties sometimes featuring underage victims.

Amid all the rumors swirling around, AG Barr vows to investigate “irregularities” at the facility where Epstein supposedly met his demise.

MSNBC pundit Joe Scarborough deleted his Tweet blaming Russia for Epstein’s death, which coincidentally is one of the talking points suggested by the leaked memo we reported on yesterday. 

Democrats Getting Rejected In The Real World 

The Democrats have been hitting the campaign trail hard in Iowa, and in one recent visit to a nursing home, a nonagenarian tells Kamala Harris not to mess with our healthcare, a clear reference to Kamala’s radical proposal that includes coverage for illegals. 

Don Jr. heckled di Blasio for a 15-person crowd over in Iowa, which is a lot considering how cringe-worthy his debate performances were.

Back on the East Coast, Chris Cuomo is caught on camera threatening violence against a man for calling him “Fredo”, but footage shows a guest using the word on Cuomo’s program and the Internet is taking him to the task.

Trump Pushing Back As Apprehensions At Border Skyrocket

Today it was announced that the Trump administration will employ a new rule to curb immigration by those needing welfare in an effort to stop one of the most outrageous practices to date: importing welfare recipients. 

The move comes not a minute too soon as a new report says family apprehensions at the border went up 450% last month for an astounding number of individuals. 

As another example of the beautiful diversity our immigration system is bringing us, an immigrant living in Arkansas traveled to Yemen to help ISIS, then came BACK to Arkansas in what Robert Spencer calls a “walking advertisement for stricter immigration controls”.

China In Turmoil With Populist Protests; Trump Takes Advantage

Protestors shut down Hong Kong’s airport and caused the Asian market to fall, adding a new element to the trade war that Trump is winning. 

According to a defector, China is trying to subvert the 2020 election to prevent Trump from getting into office again, and the money points towards the entire Democrat establishment. 

Pat Buchanon weighs in on China, giving us context and background to the trade war, and why we’re poised to win it. 

Mitch McConnell gives China a grim warning about its protests as many worry about another Tiananman Square at the hands of the brutal Communist regime.

Polish Teen Becomes The Internet’s Hero After Symbolic Photo

A 15 year old Polish boy became a conservative internet ICON overnight after his courageous and symbolic act at a Soros-style pride parade composed of paid foreign actors.

Like a line of dominoes falling, yet another state has signed in laws mandating the teaching of homosexual theory to grammar school children.

Controversy is heating up in the UK after a video surfaced of adrag queen teaching kids how to “twerk” in a shocking and sexually suggestive video. 

There aren’t many bastions of sanctity left as the gay cabaret comes to a Catholic Church in Canada, leaving many to reminisce back to the sinister propaganda of just a few years ago: “How will this effect you?”