Biden Bleeding In The Water & The Sharks Taste Blood

Despite being the big target last night, Biden tried to distinguish himself as a moderate on immigration during the debate, being one of the only few on stage even willing to acknowledge border crossings as illegal. 
Tulsi gets applause after attacking Kamala for the few things she did right in the latest trend from Democrats: going after their opponents for their more sensible actions like crime bills or any immigration policy right of Antifa’s.

Kirsten Gillibrand wants to explain “whiteness” to suburban moms and tell them their kids don’t get shot while eating M&Ms because of their white privilege: a totally sane and normal take for anyone whose mind has been warped by Critical Race Theory.

Booker admits his campaign is geared toward non-white people in yet more delusional Democratic brain-diarrhea about black voters somehow being suppressed from voting. 
The debate closed with a vaguely worded question that alluded to impeaching Trump, and most of the candidates jumped aboard the impeachment bandwagon, with Booker even stating he’d start proceedings “immediately”. 
Trump reposted a report that Democratic candidates proposed over $200 trillion in spending just on the first night of the debates alone, with their proposed plans reaching an absurd amount of money that we don’t have. 
Donald J. Trump Eviscerates Don Lemon On Twitter
President Trump called Don Lemon “the dumbest man on television” in an absolutely hysterical Twitter rant about the Democratic debates.

Trump was responding to Lemon’s behavior at the debates the night before, where Lemon took shots at Trump the whole night and called the President a “racist” when posing questions to candidates. 

Just Monday, Lemon tried to badger an old man about Trump, attempting to race-bait the elder who went to meet with Trump as part of a summit with black leaders in America.
Trump’s ire was not reserved just for Lemon, however, and Trump is now aiming at Pelosi for the condition of Poop City, formerly known as San Francisco.
Candace Owens Challenges Bernie’s Criminal Stripper Friend To Debate

Candace Owens told Cardi B to put her money where her foul mouth is, offering her 250K to debate the issues she claims to know so much about.
The stripper has been getting absolutely destroyed on social media for her “activism”, as we are all acutely aware that she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about.

This hilarious meme accurately sums up the profound meeting of the minds, and it turns out they have more in common than we knew.