Trump Reloads & Aims At Good Ol’ Reverend Al Sharpton

President Trump called Sharpton a “con man” who “hates whites” on Twitter yesterday, responding to Sharpton’s original post about heading over to Baltimore in the wake of this weekend’s feud.
Baltimore seems to be plagued by filth and crime, despite the fact that Obama allocated $1.8 billion for “crime prevention” in Baltimore that obviously was squandered and probably went into politicians’ pockets.
It’s also come to light that Cummings’ wife may have embezzled loads of cash between her non-profit and for-profit entities, and it’s suspected they may have been used as a front for to buy favor with Cummings.

Just last week, a recently appointed Baltimore deputy police commissioner was robbed at gunpoint while with his wife in one of the more outlandish crime stories coming out of America’s crime capital.

Bernie In Hot Water For Not Practicing What He Preaches On Wages

The Democrat famous for ‘labor reform’, Bernie Sanders is accused of firing staffers for unionizing just weeks after it was revealed he had to lay off workers to implement his signature $15 hourly wage. 
Bernie was forced to admit his healthcare pipe dream requires a tax hike on the middle class in a telling interview on Sunday that revealed what most of us already knew.
Sanders foreshadows 2020 in a warning to Democrats, that they’d lose the election if they became too obsessed with Trump. It seems that ship has sailed.
Bernie is teaming up with Cardi B, a stripper turned….stripper…. who has been outspoken about her far-left Democrat politics, taking to social media to bash Trump numerous times.
Equality Act Would Force Beauticians To Get (Un)Hairy With Ma’ams
A deeper look into the Equality Act shows it could force women to perform intimate services on men, as in the current case out of Canada where a salon worker is being sued for refusing to perform a “Brazilian wax” on a dangerous child predator identifying as a “transgender woman”. 
This is just the latest victim group that Democrats are using as proxy warriors against the fading mainstream America, and every Democratic 2020 candidate supports this legislation that strips religious rights.

A full breakdown of this heinous legislation explains how this act passing could mean the real end of liberty in America, and how in many ways it’s already here. 

The past months have been marked with heinous encroachments on sanity and open assaults on children, like this week’s story out of Estonia where a feminist exposed herself to school children in a sickening nude display that isn’t for the faint of heart.