SCOTUS Approves $2.5B For Border Wall
Trump celebrated his $2.5B wall funding win on Twitter
this weekend, triggering all the open-borders Democrats and starting a hailstorm of hurt.
The Democrats threw a tantrum after $2.5 billion was approved for border wall funding that will be used to replace existing fencing and build new wall where previously ok’d.
Good news for immigration came on Friday when Trump signed a deal with Guatemala to curb the droves of people pouring in through the border. Trump touted this as an important step to stop the dangerous trafficking, smuggling, and abuse that has marked the border crisis for years. 

In a move that might prove to be helpful to border security, yesterday Trump announced he’s replacing the Director of National Intelligence with someone denounced as a Trump-lackey by the left, which means he might prove to be good. 
Trump Owned Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings For Filthy Conditions
President Trump ripped Cummings for “infested” districts called out the unsanitary and shocking conditions of places like Baltimore. Bernie and Barack made similar comments about the state of Maryland’s inner cities, but Democrats are calling Trump racist for pointing out the obvious.

Trump retweeted a video of the filthy conditions in Maryland that residents are dealing with. Hopefully, he’s cleverly planting seeds of distrust in historically Democrat communities.
CNN’s Victor Blackwell broke out the crocodile tears over Trump’s Baltimore tweets in an awkward and pathetic performance that left us cringing.
The Trump Curse Hits Again: Puerto Rico Edition

The Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló buckled under pressure to resign on Friday and announced he’d be stepping down on August 2nd to ensure a smooth transition for the country.

Trump reamed Puerto Rican leadership just days ago, calling them “incompetent” and himself “the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico” with his signature Trump bravado.  

FEMA cut the purse strings of corrupt Puerto Rico last week, referencing unstable and corrupt government leadership as the reason for a “manual drawdown process” being put into place. 

Trump and the Puerto Rican governor had been going at it in a fiery conflict over what Trump called out as irresponsible management of an exorbitant amount of funds.