Antifa Cory Makes Absolutely Egregious Comments About The President

Democrat Cory Booker crossed the line appearing on a talk show Monday where he made a series of disturbing and derogatory comments about President Trump, fantasizing about violent acts against the President and earning himself the new moniker Antifa Cory.

Yesterday, he went full throttle on Biden in a wild-eyed rant and accused him of creating the system of incarceration that Booker believes oppresses the poor darlings of his home city of Newark, NJ. 

Booker has demonstrated a scary trend: only weeks ago he escorted previously deported women across the border illegally, blatantly flouting the laws of our nation.

Last week, Booker went to Comic Con in a Warren-style attempt at being hip and trying to convince his fellow teens that he’s totally like them. We’re hoping he gets help before he falls off the deep end.


Trump Makes ‘Crazed Lunatic’ Tlaib The Butt Of The Joke

Trump absolutely roasted Rashida Tlaib at a convention yesterday, referencing the resurfaced video of the congresswoman acting unhinged at a Trump rally in 2016.

Tlaib and the NAACP renewed their vow to impeach Trump at a convention this week; for what, exactly, we have no idea. No one knows, really.

The Palestinian Congresswoman also made headlines this week trying to outdo Bernie on his minimum wage shtick with a ridiculous rate proposal that would tank the economy overnight and ship even more jobs overseas.

But perhaps that’s what she wants for America. We’re talking about the same person who gets a “calming feeling” when she thinks about the Holocaust, a comment she caught backlash for by disturbed citizens.


Rand Paul Feels The Heat Over 9/11 Victims Bill

Senator Rand Paul incurred the wrath of all sides blocking funding for 9/11 victims last week, a move which seems to have served no other purpose than to piss people off. 

Trump is expected to sign bill ensuring eternal funding for 9/11 victims, which the Senate passed yesterday much to the chagrin of Senator Paul. 

Paul took to Twitter to explain himself using the rationale of a bloated & borrowed budget, and was met with a barrage of angry but colorful comments in response.


Alphabet Gang On The Attack: Homofascist Sues To Make Beautician Touch His…

A man is suing because a beautician declined to wax his junk after explaining that she didn’t feel comfortable performing the cosmetic procedure on male anatomy. Where, you ask? Well, Canada, of course!

This week, globalist giant Whole Foods announced it will host drag queen story hour, the disturbing trend that’s been making headlines where men in drag prey on children, sometimes even dressed as a literal demon

This comes a few weeks after it was reported that the infamous cake baker is being sued a third time, this time for refusing to bake a gender transition cake. 

But, the feds apparently have time to take anonymous tips from far-left propaganda outlet Buzzfeed that they used for a military-style bust on a Christian school in California.

In Italy, Salvini made moves to protect children from the Alphabet agenda this week, banning harmful hormonal drugs given to children who, many times involuntary, identify as “trans”.