Bernie and Biden Square Off

Crazy Bernie shouts out Creepy Joe Biden over his criticisms of Bernie’s ‘Medicare for all’ plans that he’s been touting on the election trail, comparing him to Trump.

The State of Maryland proves ‘Medicare for all’ doesn’t work, but rather is a socialist pipe dream exploited for votes.
As is usually the case in the world of Democrats, what they advocate for on the campaign trail is inconsistent with even their own practices. This became self-evident when his staffers demanded the famous $15 wage he advocates, and Bernie had to cut staffers’ hours due to the payrate increase. Learning math is fun, right, Bernie?
Squad’ Gets Reamed By The Twitterverse
Candace Owens slammed the ‘squad’ for their overt racism, reposting Donald Trump’s strongly-worded tweet referencing the four lovely ladies. 

Owens referenced the fact that Ayanna Pressley called Kellyanne Conway ‘Becky’, a racially charged slur for a white woman, and the media completely ignored it.

Old footage has been surfacing of a member of the four, namely of Rashida Tlaib having a meltdown at 2016 Trump rally before being ejected by security. This is the same Rashida Tlaib who wrapped herself in the Palestinian flag after her electoral victory….here in America. 
Calling them a ‘squad’ gives them more credibility than they deserve, so we’ll start using this new epic nickname for the four anti-American saboteurs.
Immigration Crisis Worsening Each Day
Things are escalating down by the border where an influx of people has left many border towns with depleted resources and safety concerns. Border Patrol announced the arrest of more than 1000 Africans, highlighting the weaknesses of the immigration system as people from across the globe try to enter our Southern Border. 
Just when things are getting bad, you can count on Democrats to double down on stupid codifying their disdain for law and order in an official break from cooperation with ICE in one Maryland county. 

This comes as the Trump administration cracks down on fraudulent asylum claims, fast-tracking deportations for recent arrivals and saving time by skipping court.
After recent violent attacks on government facilities by radical left-wingers, TedCruz targets Antifa with new legislation that would brand the militant Democrat faction a terrorist organization. How this hasn’t been done already is mind-blowing.
Trump Losing Patience With Iran
Iran is escalating the psychological warfare, putting out information that the Ayatollah arrested CIA spies and has detained the Iranian agents for the US pending possible execution. 
Trump fired warning shots at Iran at a press conference yesterday calling out alleged lies and propaganda, and let us know how he really feels about them.
It also came out that Trump deputized Rand Paul as an Iran negotiator in an attempt to put the so-called voice of reason at the front of the battle lines in order to avoid war.
Insiders reveal Trump’s disdain for warmongering John Bolton after it surfaced the President had made sarcastic comments referencing Bolton’s neocon foreign policy stances. This confirms the President’s leaning toward the diplomatic process, and gives us hope he will handle the conflict well.