Not-So-Silent Subversion

A new report came out this week that shows more illegals have been voting than previously thought. Thanks to policies by the same people who claim Russia meddled in the election, it’s estimated that up to 5.7 million votes were casted by illegal immigrants, just in one election.

Yesterday, it was reported that a 17-year old Guatemalan illegal is charged with raping a 7 year old girl in Georgia. He was just one of the many millions of people released into the American interior and given a court date that we all know he would not show up to.

Things are getting so bad in blue states that an NJ Assemblyman introduced a bill to stop sanctuary sex predators. The blue sanctuary state was caught up in several high profile murders when illegals that had been in custody were ordered released instead of given to ICE. 

It’s no wonder that people who hate America and Americans only want to push for their own interests. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) doesn’t represent America, her values, or her people, and that’s how she’s subverting our political system.
Immigration is being weaponized even across the pond as Libya threatens Europe with a horde of terrorists, like the killers sentenced to firing squad for beheading tourists. Remember, we’ve had people from these countries detained at the border for attempting to get in. 
Political Correctness=Clown World

Paul Joseph Watson exposed that a Colorado State University guide lists ‘America’ as offensive language to be avoided, along with other horrible slurs like “male” and “female”. We’re reaching levels of absurdity that shouldn’t even be possible.  

Just this week, a US women’s soccer player who refused to wear the rainbow jersey was attacked as “homophobic” on social media by fellow players. This is the same team that’s made headlines recently for their humble and ladylike behavior. 
Earlier this month, a British doctor was fired for refusing to call a man “she”, and we can expect the same type of draconian violations of free speech if the Democrats get their way.


Iran Poking The Bear

It’s been a busy week with Iran as the regime announced it seized a foreign oil tanker that it suspected of smuggling illicit oil. Details are still foggy on who the tanker belongs to.

Trump announced that theUS incinerated an Iranian drone that wandered too close to enemy lines, creating uncertain feelings about ongoing relations with the hostile Islamist government.

One thing is for sure: sending Rand Paul to Iran would be a mistake, so we’re hoping a strong show from Trump will reign them back in.