BREAKING: Orange Man Bad!

Democrats put aside petty matters like the horrific border crisis yesterday in order to focus on much more important issues, like Trump’s tweets. Four Republicans condemned Trump’s tweets at the House of Representatives in what amounted to a formal yet pointless popularity contest.

Anti-American zealot Ilhan Omar lashed out with a race-baiting tweet, reposting an article explicitly stating that anyone who supports Trump is a racist. So, basically, the majority of Americans.

Terrence Williams ripped into Omar after a pathetic press conference, and we can only hope we’ll be rid of her after the next electoral cycle.


Foggy Grandpa Biden Needs a Rocking Chair and a Hot Chocolate
After several instances of slurring and confusing his words on the campaign trail, former Vice President Biden says he would challenge Trump to pushups if a confrontation ensued about Biden’s mental clarity. Totally makes sense, how could we ever question him?
He must’ve forgotten about the Obama flop, because Biden told an AARP crowd “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”. Does he think because it’s AARP they won’t remember the verbatim quote from 2009 about Obamacare that didn’t age well?

It came out last night that Biden hired Clinton’s speech-writer after getting destroyed in the debates, an embarrassing debacle for him that was hard to watch for all of us. Okay, just kidding. It was hilarious.

Alex Jones speculates that Biden will drop out of the 2020 race, citing an unknown source that says Biden is concerned about his health, and it doesn’t help that his old friends the Obamas are deserting him in his time of need.

ICE Wars Rage On As Crazed Groups Descend On Facilities

The onslaught of ridiculous protests continues as Jewish group ‘Never Again Action’ blockades ICE headquarters in DC. Could this be the latest front for Soros money in his attempt to subvert America?

Take a look as crazed protestors block an ICE employee from entering for work, consistent with their philosophy that laws, borders, and jobs are evil. Oh, and showers. 

In the latest trend of lawmakers breaking the law, it was revealed that a Texas Democrat conspired to coach immigrants on how to fraud the system and get into the country. When will these people be charged with sedition?


Tech Goliaths Soon To Fall?

Senator Josh Hawley tears into Big Tech for their role in Internet censorship as hearings continue on the role companies like Google should play in the dissemination of information. They’ve helped the Communist Chinese government censor information, and it’s no secret these companies are pandering to a scary far-left agenda. 

Even Saint Augustine got a Facebook ban. No, seriously.

Senator Ted Cruz threatened Google with removing protections if they continue to throw conservatives in the digital gulag, which is a necessary measure for them heading into the 2020 elections.